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Start taking control of your data

Store your files, music, videos, NFTs in a secure and private locker

Myraah W3L (Web 3 Locker) is a storage, where you can store your files, documents, pictures, videos, websites, data, and NFTs privately and securely. A cryptographically secured locker, which is truly private, away from the reach of bots, AI or humans. Of course, if you wish to share a file with someone you can do so by sharing private # key or an access link.

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Access Your Files Anywhere

We offer a high availability http/https IPFS gateway though which you can access and share your files. All files uploaded on the network can be resolved either through or native

This means your content will always be pinned, immutable, and instantly available on the IPFS network and you can access them via http/https links though any browser.

Efficiency & Built in Scaling

HTTP downloads files from one server at a time — but peer-to-peer IPFS retrieves pieces from multiple nodes at once, enabling substantial bandwidth savings. With up to 60% savings for video, IPFS makes it possible to efficiently distribute high volumes of data without duplication.

Our IPFS infrastructure scales to meet the demands of all applications, big or small.

High Speed & Availability

We orchestrate IPFS Cluster that works as a sidecar to IPFS peers, maintaining a global cluster pin set and intelligently allocating its items to the IPFS peers. Our cluster can handle replication of millions of pins to hundreds of IPFS daemons in a ‘fire & forget’ fashion.

This means your files and documents and website is available all the time and can be accessed at a high speed.