Start or grow your website design business with us

Make a website for Rs 1199 for your clients and sell at whatever price you like.
( Includes: Domain+ Hosting + Emails )

myraah reseller program

Now anyone can start a website design business
with our reseller program

No coding or desiging skills required

100% whitelable, your clients won't know about us.

More Than A Reseller - Become A Partner

Most of the companies who provide reseller hosting treat you as a reseller and nothing more - you give them business and earn a cut - That’s it.

Myraah reseller program is more than that. We consider you as a long term partner. We believe that when you grow, we grow.

Grow Your Business With Sales Qualified Leads

When you partner with Myraah - we provide you with sales qualified leads - customers who are looking to get a website designed, mobile app developed or graphic design done, at no extra cost.


Launch your own AI powered website builder solution under your own brand which is whitelabeled. This means your customers will never know about Myraah. You get access to the same technology we use with all the updates.

Host Yours And Client's Website With AWS CLOUD

Forget really slow websites. Propel the website that you meticulously designed to the super fast cloud. Get the power of AWS cloud without complex management and installation with our easy to manage interface.

Accelerate Website Production Time By 10X
And Reduce Your Website Production Cost By 90%

With Myraah AI website creation tool you can create a HTML website within minutes. You don't need to worry about coding anymore- Myraah AI does it all for you. Which means you can do hundreds of website projects per month with a couple of resources. Save over 90% on your production cost and boost your margins. And plus our NLP powered algorithms write the copy for your website as well.

More Than A Website - Get Access To AI Tools

Get access to AI powered tools which enables you to create high resolution logos, discover memorable domain names and create unique brand names. All free of charge.

Best In Class Ddomain Pricing

We provide the best pricing when it comes to domain registration. Big Daddies can’t beat us.

Your questions, our answers

FAQ about reseller program
A What is Myraah?
Myraah is an automatic website creation engine. It designs complete website with minimal input from you. You just need to answer 5 simple questions about your clients business and our AI program automatically creates hundreds of websites designs to choose from. You don't need to know coding or designing.
B Do i pay to start or it's free?
C How the process works?
E How simple or difficult it is to use Myraah?
F I am a website designer and having my own company, if i use Myraah will my clients know?
G How much margin you provide?
H What other products i can sell?
J Can I get access to C-Panel?
K Would I be able to use Wordpress with Myraah?
L Do you provide SSL certificate for websites?
M Can I create sub domain?
N Can I use my own html page for home page?
O Can I integrate Analytics, Facebook & Google ads tracking tag?
P Can I place a Ad sense or any other ad on my website?
Q I am a web developer and I want to upload my own website but there is no option?

Getting clients for your business

How to sell website to businesses?

How to get clients?

How to get website design clients using Google maps?

How to generate web design leads using Facebook Ads?