How attractive is your website?

How attractive is your website?

Instantly analyse how many people will like your website and more...

1,022,279 websites analysed

1,022,279 websites analysed

Visual rank of your website is as important as your SEO rank.

Users make lasting judgments about a website’s appeal within a split second. This first impression is influential enough to later affect their opinions of a site’s usability and trustworthiness.

What is Visual Mind ?

Visual Mind is an AI engine specifically designed for understanding and scoring visual appearance of a website. Visual Mind has analyzed over a million websites to achieve an accuracy rate of over 97%.

What is Visual Mind Score and why it matters ?

For too long, aesthetics of a website has been dismissed as a superficial concern. That is a mistake. As latest research demonstrates ( See recommended ref) , the visual appeal of a website is tied up with far weightier issues, such as functionality and trustworthiness.

Have you “fast-tested” your website? Remember, you have only fifty milliseconds to impress your visitors. Flash your website to people for a very short period of time and then ask for their opinion. That is the opinion that matters.

Visual Mind score – provides you with a qualitative score about that first impression. It can help you evaluate your website aesthetics and make improvements.

Check Your VM SCORE

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