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Cute Little Monsters

With eyes that glow in the dark and motifs of the moon, stars, and planets projecting from their bodies, these animals appear to be one with their nighttime settings. These monsters share some adorable traits—like the large eyes and plush bodies—they are still very unique.For instance, some of the creations feature deer-like antlers, while others have stringy antennas, horns, or even branches growing from their head. Their cartoon-like style makes all of these otherwordly beings immediately endearing to look at.

15,264 Unique NFT's

The Traditional Kids

Traditional clothing refers to a form of clothing that represents a long-established people's way of dress within a specific location or period in time. In many parts of the world, traditional clothing isn't worn on a daily basis. Instead, it may be worn on special occasions like festivals, weddings, and ceremonies. Otherwise, people dress in regular, modern clothing instead. However, in other regions around the world, the traditional clothing is commonly worn, even on a daily basis. It just depends on one's culture!

In this collection we explore the kids clothing from across the world.

19,928 Unique NFT's

Evolution of Clothing

The wearing of clothing is exclusively a human characteristic and is a feature of most human societies. The variety and distribution of clothing and textiles within a society reveal social customs and culture. Prehistoric clothes were both symbolic and functional. The Ancient to modern NFT collection provide hints to how human beings evolved socially and culturally over centuries.

12,826 Unique NFT's

The Faceless Men

The Faceless Men are a guild of assassins based in the Free City of Braavos, though their members range far and wide across both Essos and Westeros. They command exorbitant fees, but have a reputation for success that is unparalleled by any comparable organization. Faceless Men are not complete shapeshifters; they cannot grow drastically taller or shorter, though they can dramatically change their appearance within their own physical limitations. Either men or women can become "Faceless Men". This set of NFTs are devoted to the Faceless.

19,398 Unique NFT's

The Little Dino World

Deep in the depths of our labs, terrifying creatures have been brought back to life. This NFT collection presents a host of impressive pre-historic creatures including every child’s favorite flesh-eating giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, along with a Giraffatitan, Microraptor, Segnosaurus and Triceratops. Some of them are cute some of them scary choose one from 16K unique dinos.

15,900 Unique NFT's

Monsters Of Cute Land

A monster is a type of fictional creature found in horror, fantasy, science fiction, folklore, mythology and religion. Monsters are very often depicted as dangerous and aggressive with a strange, grotesque appearance that causes terror and fear. Monsters usually resemble bizarre, deformed, otherworldly and/or mutated animals or entirely unique creatures of varying sizes, but may also take a human form, such as mutants, ghosts and spirits, zombies or cannibals, among other things. But, Some of them cute also be cute - This NFt collections showcases 13K + unique monsters from Cute Land.

13,038 Unique NFT's

Geometric Faces

The face satisfies several ancient rules used by mathematically oriented artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer. This NFT collection is an attempt to create faces of several forms and nature by just using geometric shapes. It contains 17K unique NFT art.

17,225 Unique NFT's

Men of Westeros

Westeros is a continent located in the far west of the known world. It is separated from the continent of Essos by a strip of water known as the Narrow Sea. Most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros. This NFT collection showcases men of Westeros.

230,285 Unique NFT's

The Veggie Humans

The Veggie Humans are an uncontacted tribe living on North Sentinal Island, one of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. They vigorously reject all contact with outsiders.

Survival International lobbies, protests and uses public pressure to ensure their wish to remain uncontacted is respected.

They look like vegetables and prefer to be undiscovered. If not, the entire tribe could be wiped out by diseases to which they have no immunity. Collect NFT artwork of these cute Veggie Humans.

16,377 Unique NFT's

The Weird Minions

The Minions are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them to viewers and makes them relatable. They can be pesky when they are doing weird interactions with other people, animals, or objects; they are also famous for their gibberish-speaking language.

14,840 Unique NFT's

The Indigenous Colour of India

Whether you are going for a trekking tour in the Indian Himalayan region or beach holiday in Andaman, Goa or Kerala you will surely get a glimpse of some of the tribes dwelling in the region. In contrast to leisurescapers, the explorers who travel to seek the indigenous colours of India go deep into the Indian tribal lifestyle and history. This set of NFT art is dedicated to the indigenous tribes of India.

8,480 Unique NFT's

Valley of fruits

India is blessed with a diverse and rich landscape. It is home to many communities and cultures. But this diversity is also apparent in the wealth of creatures around the country. Somewhere between Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra there is a valley of fruits. These humans like creatures having fruity and juicy bodies so pick yours.

19,027 Unique NFT's

The God's Algorithm

How did God create so many different faces - possibly by combining its underlying elements. So we created the same. Collect from over 1 million+ different faces created algorithmically.

6,128,125 Unique NFT's

Girl Power Collection

Girl power is a slogan that encourages and celebrates women's empowerment, independence, confidence and strength. The slogan's invention is credited to the US punk band Bikini Kill, who published a zine called Bikini Kill: Girl Power in 1991.

It was then popularised in the mainstream by the British girl group Spice Girls in the mid-1990s. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the Spice Girls' usage of "girl power" was one of the defining cultural touchstones that shaped the Millennial generation.

927,500 Unique NFT's

The Weirdo Planet Collection

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of New Mexico have discovered a new planet that is three times as big as Earth. The planet, named Weirdo is 90 light-years away from Earth, according to Nasa scientists.

Weirdo has a civilization similar to earth but their natives have unique characteristics and weird appearances.

212,212 Unique NFT's

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