Super Fast Cloud Hosting Solution

Propel your Website to the cloud, without worrying about server administration & maintenance.

Impress customers, drastically improve loading time and improve Google rankings.

Super Fast Cloud Hosting solution gives your website the speed it deserves.

With our fully managed service, you don't need to worry about server administration or troubleshooting. India based cloud servers drastically decrease latency compared with servers based out of the US or Europe, improving user experience.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

Fully Managed Setup & Free Transition

Focus on creating your project while we handle the details like server uptime and monitoring.

4 X Faster than Usual Shared Hosting

Take full advantage of the speed and power of our machines to improve website loading times and deliver a smooth experience to your users.

Operate with C panel

The day to day management of your hosting comes with a simple to use C panel. You can create email IDs, manage your files and more. No technical knowledge is needed.

No Need to Worry About Traffic Surge

Our Cloud hosting ensures easy scalability to handle rapidly growing website traffic as your business expands & complexity grows. In case of a sudden rise in traffic, we scale the required infrastructure instantly. It means your website never goes down.

Solid State Drive Storage

SSD powered cloud hosting for a faster, more reliable and efficient performance. Your websites will load twice as fast and will keep your data secure and always available.

Latest Hardware and Server Architecture

Our servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) - are powered by the latest Hardware. As a result. We provide 99.9% uptime.

Fixed Billing - No Hidden Charges

Fixed billing with no surprises or hidden charges. Simple, up-front pricing. Only pay for the duration of usuage and renew if you enjoy the experience.

SSL Certificate Included

Secure your website using an SSL certificate. Gone are the days when people took SSL certificates to be a luxury. Today, when hackers are everywhere, and the users are watchful than ever, SSL is a must have.

Learn more about SSL

Enterprise Grade Security

Our cloud web Security, ensures users and infrastructure are protected. Using our service, you will gain the control and confidence you need to securely run your business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment.

Support and Integrations

CentOS 7

Apache 2.4.48

Latest cPanel

PHP 7.3/7.4

MySQL version (server) 5.7.35

Python 2.7.5

phpMyAdmin 4



Super Fast Cloud Hosting

Choose your plans.

Single Business Website
₹ 2999/Year
₹ 4475 (33% Off)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • AWS - EC2
  • C - Panel
  • SSL Included
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • 10 GB - Bandwidth ( Traffic )
  • Unlimited Email Ids
Need to Host Multiple Websites?

16 GB RAM - 4 VCU - 1 CPanel - SSL for all websites + build your own configuration

Estimated number of websites you can host: 5

SSD Storage: 25  GB

Free tier bandwidth per month: 50  GB

Additional bandwidth per month: 0  GB

Total Price: 1250/month

faq help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud hosting, and how does it work?

Cloud hosting makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

What are the main advantages of Cloud Hosting?

Easy-to-use: Manage your server like a real professional with a simple control panel with all essential features to create a robust online presence.

Scalable resources: Get your site running on 4GB+ RAM, EC2 Instances, and SSD Disk Space. We auto-upgrade the resources needed as your traffic scales.

Fully Managed: We take care of server uptime, maintenance, and monitoring. So focus on your project and leave the rest to us!

What is the benefit of cloud hosting?

Our cloud servers can offer you blazing fast speeds. In addition to increasing your site's capacity effortlessly, cloud hosting also allows for easier load balancing between multiple server environments, which can help put much less strain on a single server's resources.

Is cloud hosting secure?

Yes, cloud hosting is secure. In addition, we provide a free SSL certificate for your domain to make your website HTTPS compliant.

What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?

A website hosted on shared hosting is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to hundreds. In this setup, all websites share Storage, RAM and CPU from the same server. On the contrary, our cloud hosting services offers nearly unlimited ability to handle traffic spikes because of a virtualization layer with a separate S3 storage cluster and upgradable CPU EC2 Instances and RAM.

What if I need assistance?

Since cloud hosting is fully managed, you'll have a dedicated support team ready to help with all your needs via email: