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Visual Mind score is based on over 70+ visual parameters our algorithm takes into account while arriving at visual score.

Humans perceive colors in their entirety, noting various attributes, such as hue (the purity of a color with regards to the primary colors red, blue, and yellow), saturation (the intensity of a color), and luminance (the visually perceived brightness, with yellow having a high luminance, and blue having the lowest luminance value on the color wheel).

Also the perceived colorfulness is highly dependent on the distribution of colors in an image, and the composition of neighboring colors.

Apart from colors used in the site our algorithm also looks at spatial distribution of content including symmetry, balance and overall equilibrium of content.

So if your visual appearance score is low you may be able to improve it by using better images etc. While if your visual clarity score is low you may improve it by working on your layout, typography etc.

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