More about Myraah and other questions

Below are answers to some of the questions you may have. If you still have more questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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What is Myraah?

Myraah is a new kind of a company, a revolutionary way to build websites. Myraah means My + Raah: Raah means Path. When it comes to getting a website, up till now there were only two ways to go about it. One route read DIY - aka - the Do it yourself path. And, the second path leads to calling your 'web guy' or the agency. Myraah is the 3rd way of getting a website delivered.

Myraah = DI AI - aka -DO IT - AI -
because we took the Y out of the DIY .

Put simply Myraah is a hybrid between a product and a service company.
With Myraah you get the raw computing power of an innovative product company and the TLC - the Tender loving care of a web service agency - or your 'web guy'.
Myraah is the Hands Free - Hassle Free way of getting your website delivered.

How does it works?

Simply put Myraah is a complex machine learning algorithm on the cloud. The ugly truth about the DIY - aka - the DO IT YOURSELF sites is that you end up doing most of the work yourself
Myraah is different. Myraah is powered by AI - ie. by Artificial Intelligence,DIY website builders give you tools to build your site yourself
We are constantly innovating. Persistently improvising.As of today: there are 2 ways Myraah can deliver you your wesbite:
[1] Chat with us - while Myraah creates your website ->
[2]Try it out yourself -> click here to join the action->
You will have fun of creating options and visualizing your next web destination.
Myraah - simply - delivers you, your website.

Does Myraah produce responsive websites?

Yes. All websites created by Myraah will work in all devices of all makes, shapes and sizes. In Chrome and Mozilla. IE and Safari. Google's Android and Iphone. In Pcs and Ipads.

Can I edit the content of the website?

We took the Y out of the DIY ( the do it yourself ) in part because for most of us: The so called Drag -n - Drop features are neither simple nor Intuitive.
We have a Tag Line for this aspect: JUST CHOOSE. DON'T EDIT.
Simply Choose a website from the Thousands of bespoke samples created for you.
Hit the order button. And let us know what changes you like to make and we will do it for you.
We believe this Hands Free - Hassle Free option works in that, it not only saves us - the end - users - a lot of - valuable time; but also, most of the non - technical users - find, dragging and dropping HTML elements on a page, confusing, challenging and intimidating.

How about SEO aspect?

Myraah is smart. Myraah uses AI. Sites created by Myraah are optimized for all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
Yes. Wix has a problem with SEO. But Wix also had Flash. Wix technology is based on Old paradigms. We use the latest technologies at Myraah. We got your SEO covered. Cheers.. Team Myraah.

What kind of websites Myraah can design?

Myraah can design any kind of website you want or like.
If you would like to try. Feel free to choose from the thousands of categories of sites, we have.
You can choose any kind of website, such as Gymnasium, Realtor, Furniture Store, Jewelry Shop, wedding planner site, Carpentry site, Photography site, lawyer sites, consulting websites, and so on and on and on.
And, if you don't find a category of type of business - simply wahtsapp us - at 890909779 or text us - at 8977899 or email us at and let us know what we missed. Rest assured, your site will be delivered within 48 hours, regardless of the type of website you want, like or need.

How do I pay?

We use Paypal as a mode of payment. Using the paypal gateway at Myraah you can pay using your bank, visa, mastercard. Credit or debit card or any other type of card.
For Indian customers we use CC Avenue payment gateway. You can pay via internet banking, via - debit and credit cards.

Is the payment secure?

Yes. All payments processed by Paypal gateway - the payment provider we use at Myraah - have the highest level of security in the Industry. Additionally, we don't share your information with anyone. And, Paypal doesn't share your private personal information with us.

Do I need to have a Paypal account to make payment?

No. You can complete the payment without creating a paypal account. Paypal is just a gateway. Paypal allows people to use all sorts of credit and debit cards to make the payment.

Can I see a demo or avail of a free trial?

Yes, we do. Joining Myraah is absolutely free.
Click here to create a free account for yourself : and get started today

Can I see how it works in action before I create an account?

Ofcourse. Please click this link
If you still have questions, please contact us at