Website Design Trend 2018 – What’s Hot

January 24, 2018

Every year, we see new elements and styles in website design begin to emerge.

Some elements when incorporated thoughtfully help tell stories and explain your company. Other elements work to improve how content looks on a specific device. While it’s not necessary to include every trend that comes about on your website, many of them have the potential to improve your visitor’s experience.

Large & Responsive Hero Images :

Hero_image website design

By focusing on just the image with text rather than a CTA or social buttons, Medium creates a strong visual experience that encourages you to scroll down to read more.

Large hero images are also often placed in the background with text and other content overlaid on top, like on Uber’s website.

Regardless of the approach you utilize, large images can help visually tell your story without having to rely on just text.

Why is it useful ?

Images are responsive makes for a good user experience. Website visitors can look at different images whether they are the background or product images and be able to get the same experience no matter what device they are coming from.

Background Videos:

video background website

Videos that automatically play in the background can add a lot to a page. They can be used to tell a story and significantly reduce the amount of other content that is needed to explain your business.
Why is it useful ?
Background videos focus on enticing the visitor from the moment they land on your page. The video allows your visitor to understand the key points about your company without ever having to read a single line of text.

Semi-Flat Design:

flat design in website

In 2013 Apple fundamentally shifted to flat design. Simply put, flat design is any element that does not include or give the perception of three dimensions, such as shadows.

Not only is flat design is easier for users to comprehend, but it can also load more quickly on websites without complicated or overly technical elements.

Why is it useful?

Flat design helps the visitor understand your content more quickly, and adding some elements of depth can bring it to life. Regardless of whether you fully design your website using flat design or utilize shadows and other elements, it’s important to be consistent throughout your website.

Ensure that your homepage, product pages, and any other key sections of your website all utilize the same design cues so that visitors can instantly understand what they’re viewing.

Hamburger Menus:

hamburger menu in webiste

It’s likely that most websites you come in contact with have a long menu of options to choose from. The advantage of this is that the menu can take the visitor directly to where they want to go. However, the disadvantage is that they generally take up a ton of valuable screen space.

Why is it useful?

The pages of your website should have a clear path for the user to take. Removing busy navigation makes the experience cleaner and distraction-free. These improved experiences help to improve the likelihood that the user will find the information they need to complete the desired action.

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