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Good website design can sometimes seem magical, like the designer stumbled upon an exemplary combination of components that engage the viewer.
When we look back a generation, people worked really hard to seek information; which consisted of spending hundreds of hours pouring over numerous books, journals or research material in the libraries.
Humans approximately make 35,000 choices per day with approximately 2,000 decisions per hour or one decision in every two seconds.
We live in a sea of advertising. Potential clients literally drown in thousands of ads that come at them from all sides.
Through evolution, we have developed an incredibly sophisticated system of visual and cognitive processing.
Digital world has become highly competitive. Users spend approximately 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s content.
Have you ever noticed yourself looking at the sky, observing unusually shaped clouds and perceiving the resemblance of an object or animal to it?
Whether it is in packaging of a product, a print ad or a button on a webpage, a designer always faces the challenge to get noticed and grab the attention of the ever busy users.
We can make a design easy to process by simplifying a design and reducing redundant visual information.
New technologies such as Smartphones, Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing have both quickened the pace of life.

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The main purpose of a data display is to organise and display data to make your point clearly, effectively, and correctly.
We have already discussed arithmetic Mean and Standard Deviation which are powerful ways of describing most statistical distributions that involve quantity-variables.
In the previous article we discussed Central tendency and how they are used to get some insight about the centre of data.
Consider the problem here. We have a box, in each corner there are balloons as shown in the figure below. We have to put an orange in the middle of the box such that it is covered by a balloon and box.
The 1st question is trivial but the 2nd question is a profoundly important one. For the 1st question, cricket enthusiasts can argue about it endlessly. But the 2nd question is important as the middle class is the backbone of the Indian economy.
Statistical studies are carried out everywhere today. Whether it is for growing business, reporting weather or to make vaccines.
What else can be the best example of supervised learning than us? Remember in school days we were taught one concept.
In the previous article where we took an example of Iris flowers, we considered only two features of the flower but in the real world this might not be true.
Picture a scenario where you are chilling on your couch and your phone rings. The number is unknown to you.
Data Structure describes how data is to be stored and organised in the computer's memory so that it can be used effeciently.

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