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With the advent of Cryptocurrency and Metaverse, the term Web 3.0 has been gaining popularity in these times.
Dark and light, large and small, loud and soft, all of these are relative measurements on a scale.
Every creative endeavor has a beginning point. For the content writer, that starting point is the article's outline. For a digital illustrator, the beginning is the initial sketch.
So far, in the series on design elements, we have focused on specific elements that we have added to our design. We started with dots and points and journeyed till we added dimensions to volumes and concepts of optical mass.
2021’s fourth quarter saw mobile devices (tablets not included) account for over 52% of worldwide web traffic.
Depth perception refers to the ability to see the world in three dimensions. In a plane two-dimensional surface, depth can be simulated by the use of concepts related to depth field.
Websites are two dimensional experiences but, we humans perceive the world in three dimensions.
In the last few articles we looked at zero and one dimensional design elements like dots and lines . In this blog we will understand what a culmination of lines would result to: Forms.
In this blog, we will learn about the website designing element – lines by discussing about: Lines, Relationship between lines ,Why to use lines in website designing? ,Types of lines ,Using lines in website designing .
Just how squeaky wheel always gets the grease, prominent visuals and websites get the attention and conversion.

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This detailed article answers all your questions and shares best practices you can follow to get your 1000 subscriber quickly.
How to target your dream customers using targeting options available in Facebook along with Facebook Ads best practices.

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NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token that has lately been a buzzword in mainstream media and almost every other person is talking about it.
The Internet is a global computer communication system that has made all such services possible.
In the past few articles, it was stressed many times that the human brain is very good at recognizing things once they see it.
In the last few articles on various occasions we trained our model using a training set and checked whether our model had learned anything using the testing set.
Let’s assume that you have never seen a train in your entire life and now we are in the perfect position to play a game.
The main purpose of a data display is to organise and display data to make your point clearly, effectively, and correctly.
We have already discussed arithmetic Mean and Standard Deviation which are powerful ways of describing most statistical distributions that involve quantity-variables.
In the previous article we discussed Central tendency and how they are used to get some insight about the centre of data.
Consider the problem here. We have a box, in each corner there are balloons as shown in the figure below. We have to put an orange in the middle of the box such that it is covered by a balloon and box.
The 1st question is trivial but the 2nd question is a profoundly important one. For the 1st question, cricket enthusiasts can argue about it endlessly. But the 2nd question is important as the middle class is the backbone of the Indian economy.

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