Understanding the Foundations of Web 3.0 Website Design

You can barely go five minutes these days without hearing about Web 3


Regularisation Methods to Perform Regression.

Consider the above image where we have just two points.


Blockchain Cryptography

Written words were one of the greatest inventions in human history.


A Guide to the Future of Passwords: What Data Security Will Look Like Soon

Remember the last time you forgot a password and had to reset


Is Trust the True Innovation Underlying Blockchain?

blockchain-based technologies can help speed up the process by incorporating NFTs.


5 Upcoming Cybersecurity Risks and Concerns of Web 3.0 and The Metaverse

preferences are then collected and used in marketing such as a podcast


Consensus – The Way BlockChain Network Makes A Decision

In blockchain reaching consensus means that at least 51% of the nodes on the network agree on the next global state of the network.


Web 3.0 Marketing 101: Introduction to Digital Promotion in a New Platform

Experience Web 3.0 for the first time with


Exploring Crypto Psychology

As we gradually proceed towards a cashless society, the payment system around us is abruptly transforming into a digital economy


Gradient Descent

We Now know that Gradient descent optimises two parameters.


Why are NFTs Selling Like Hot Cakes?

recently gained enormous hype from March 2021 with the sale of ‘Beeple’s Everydays


How To Use A Clickbait Thumbnail The Right Way

Believe it or not, clickbait thumbnails can make or break your youtube and social media


The Impacts of Blockchain on Data Protection And Cybersecurity

thinking ahead and improving the way your company works, some



Remember when you were in school and you were being taught Newton


Using Symmetry and Balance Efficiently in Website Designing

Designers could also blend the two types of design by adding a random mark to symmetrical

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Death of Privacy in Digital Landscape

Did you ever have this bizarre and creepy feeling that your phone might be listening to your conversations and scanning through your text messages?


How to fit lines Using Least Square Method?

find the optimal values of ao and a1 so that we minimise the sum


How to Add Rhythm to Your website?

it engages the user, creates interest and leads the eye from one element to another.

Overfitting and Underfitting

To achieve a good fit we have to find the sweet spot between underfitting and overfitting.


Merkle DAG- The Data Structure of web 3

according to the events. You have put photos clicked during diwali in the folder

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